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Much more than rice

The chef Carme Ruscalleda and NOMEN presented Madarín Oriental Hotel in Barcelona "More than Rice", 10 dishes presented in a unique space, "Bankers" the cocktail bar of the hotel, where rice was the main character.

Ruscalleda prepared with rice NOMEN a series of recipes that are part of a book that will be officially launched at Alimentaria 2014 (March 31 to April 3) and is intended to inform the general public the use of rice beyond paella or rice milk, encouraging the use of less known varieties.

Crackers, tubes filled with cod, risotto croquettes with mushrooms, sautéed shrimp, sea vegetables and casseroles, cream with mint, figs and flowers, chocolates stick "ricehorchata" ... From appetizer to dessert, to the main courses, Carme Ruscalleda explores all possibilities rice "as a high versatile ingredient for cooking and daily food."

Galletas saladas, tubos rellenos de bacalao; croquetas de risotto con setas, revuelto de gambas, cazuelas vegetales y marinas ; crema con menta, higos y flores; bombones con palo, horchata de arroz ... Del aperitivo al postre, pasando por los platos principales, Carme Ruscalleda explora todas las posibilidades del arroz "como producto de alta cocina y ingrediente versátil para comida diaria".

And the important factor added that "it is suitable for coeliacs and people who can not tolerate grains," says the cook, who has six Michelin stars (three for its restaurant Sant Pau in Sant Pol de Mar, one San Pau Tokyo and two Mandarin Moments of Barcelona).

Creamy, crunchy, puffed, roasted, fried, laminate, liquid (such as brown rice horchata) ... Round, long, pump, wild, basmati rice or whole are suggestive for ideas and restless hands of a cook.

In the iconic pan Ruscalleda also gives you a twist, with a vegetable charred, where what matters is the toasted rice bottom of the pan and not the surface, or a dish that can be eaten cold, paella picnic (with vegetables, almonds, shrimp and wild rice). And also performs his version of paella (meat and seafood) and clean, no bones or shells: Master paella.

A thought to present the potential of lesser known varieties offered Nomen rice menu.

A unique experience of flavors and varieties of rice, with the creativity and quality as a hallmark.

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