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Delta Arrosaires 'parked' the white label and comes out with Nomen

The cooperative of Tarragona has landed in Qatar via Carrefour.

Buying Nomen at the group Ebro Foods has been a 180 degree change in the strategy of Arrossaires del Delta had held since its inception. The Catalan cooperative that took over the brand in September last year, has decided to rethink the production so far performed for others , reducing their weight and focus on selling abroad as both Nomen, Bayo, another of its brands.

The commercial director of the cooperative, Adrià Curós , acknowledges that " we are beginning to put aside white brand. We do not want that to be our main business line. In packaged goods, the store brand could be up to 70 percent of our production before the arrival of Nomen, he says.

Although they will not completely stop producing for others, Arrossaires is clear that "can only occur if for other accounts under their own brand on the shelf you to profitability."

Although not yet a year after the incorporation of Nomen at the group, the cooperative has already managed to flip the percentage of production between own brand and manufacturer. Now, 60 percent of production is for own brand and 40 percent brand retailers.

The momentum we are giving Nomen on supermarket shelves means that this brand is experiencing growth of 7 percent in the domestic market and 24 percent in Catalonia , Joan Puig said, marketing manager.

During the last years of the orbit Ebro rice the Nomen brand experienced declines in sales and market share of up to six percent. In fact, Ebro had chosen not to continue furthering given its intention to discard it . "The sale of Nomen was an opportunity we could not miss to grow and was approved by 85 percent of union members ," said Curós . In fact , the brand holds the third position in the national market and if you take the first reference to the market only in Catalonia.

Arrossaires Delta has accelerated its growth overseas , partly to offset the decline already experienced its production to third parties. At present, only 20 per cent of the turnover comes from abroad. Within a maximum period of three years, the goal is to reach 40 percent of sales.

Among other markets , the company has already landed in Romania and Bulgaria. "They are bulk packed the leader there ," said Curós. Another of its main focus is the Middle East , where they have managed to carve a niche in the Carrefour Qatar.

The cooperative has just signed the chef Carme Ruscalleda as brand ambassador. The Catalan chef with six Michelin stars, will appear in the Packaging Nomen. It has also created a number of recipes that can be downloaded on the website of Nomen.

Source : El Economista . Mireia Corchón BARCELONA .

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