Much more than rice

The seed that led to what today is one of Spain’s largest rice-producing cooperatives was sown in the Ebro Delta in 1860. With an annual production capacity of over 45 million kilos of rice and a range of 14 different varieties, the Cooperative Arrossaires del Delta de l’Ebre (Rice-producing Cooperative of the Ebro Delta) has made tradition, quality and innovation the raison d’être of nearly 2,000 members, who devote every day of their lives to growing the world’s best rice.

This would not be possible without the extremely commitment to keep those features intact, making our rice a unique product; a commitment that ensures that consumers are always supplied a quality product - one of the most important in the Mediterranean Diet; a commitment to collaborate with distributors and processing industries in order to spread and encourage rice consumption; a commitment whereby the work of every farmer who works the land is valued; and a commitment that has ensured the true essence of the Ebro Delta’s rice producers has been passed on from generation to generation.

  • A cooperative with
    over 150 years of history
  • Tradition and innovation,
    the seeds of the best rice
  • 14 varieties of rice
    recognised worldwide

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