The product of our land

It is a great privilege to work the fields of the Ebro Delta Natural Park, a protected area that exudes the essence and tradition of years and years of rice production. An area of nearly 22,000 hectares which a resulting production of 120 million kilos of medium and round paddy rices (98.5% of Catalonia production and 20% of Spain), which turns into 70 million kilos of the white milled rice preferred by consumers. It is a place where, in April, time seems to stop whenever the water once again floods the fields until the harvest begins. It is a festival of colour and vitality that culminates in mid-September with the great harvest festival. It is a cycle that vouches for a love for the land and for an environmentally friendly crop that involves perfect harmony between farming and the natural values of the only Natural Park of its kind in the world.

  • The Ebro Delta,
    a unique place for growing rice
  • An environmentally
    friendly crop
  • 14 favourite consumer
    rice varieties

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